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February Freebie: Counting Cards

6 Feb

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m always looking for fun ways to fill my sessions with love. Don’t miss this week’s free download:

Valentine’s Day Counting Cards (1-20).

How to play:

Encourage each kiddo to choose an envelope, identify the number then sing an adapted version of the Woody Guthrie classic, “Mail Myself to You”:

“I’m gonna wrap myself in paper/I’m gonna dot myself with glue/

Stick some stamps on top of my head/I’m gonna mail _____ hearts to you.”

Then, count out the corresponding number of manipulatives (I use felt hearts from the Target dollar area-where else? Conversation hearts work great, too) and place them in inside a mini mailbox (you can probably guess where I found that…TARGET).


Fun adaptations include clapping/stomping/drumming the number after putting the hearts in the envelope, or counting out instruments to “mail”, then putting them in a much larger mailbox (gathering drum, tubano, etc). It’s also fun just to play along with the original recording, or sing it live!

In search of more ideas for Valentine’s Day?

Check out my favorite V-Day Dance Songs and  MT Activities for Little Ones.

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5 Activity Favorites: Valentine’s Day Fun for Little Ones

4 Feb

Get ready to hug, drum, sign and sing…because I’m sharing 5 of my favorite music therapy activities to use in celebration of Valentine’s Day!

1. Heartbeat Chant: I made up this simple little chant to use for colors, shapes, number ID, animals, etc. Just change the lyrics as needed! It’s a fun challenge to get your clients doing a heartbeat rhythm and super easy to adapt for different needs. This also works great with a group on a large gathering drum.

unnamed (45)

2. Snuggle Puppy: Okay, this board book is just the CUTEST. It has lots of opportunities for “ooo” sounds and basic signs (hug, kiss, I love you, dog), and is unbelievably sweet if you have stuffed animals to go along with it. I also like this one for Mommy & Me groups as a lap song.

unnamed (46)

3. Little Red Valentine: This piggyback song has been a hit with my ECI kiddos. Download my colorful hearts visual, cut them out and have your kiddos put them in a little mailbox (or drum, etc–whatever is on hand) each time they correctly ID a color. Oh, dollar section of Target…I love you, oh yes I do.

unnamed (48)

4. Rachel Rambach’s The Feelings in my Heart: I always like talking about feelings/family/friends around Valentine’s Day, and this song is a great conversation starter. I’ve used the full version for older kiddos or just the chorus + signs for each feeling in a simple chant for very little ones. I made a fun visual to go along with it–all you need is a foam heart (cough Target again cough), some feelings pictures and velcro.

unnamed (47)

5. Rachel See’s Teeny Tiny Valentine: The visual I use for this one is easy: take the feeling pictures off the foam heart, grab one heart that you cut out for Little Red Valentine, and cut out one more medium-sized heart. BOOM. This song is a fab fingerplay, but I’ve also used it with the above visuals for IEP kiddos working on opposites: big/small, loud/soft, etc.

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