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Activity Inspiration: When It Snows

9 Dec

In honor of the snow day I’m currently enjoying in Maryland (WOO HOO!), I’d like to share a winter drumming activity called “When It Snows” that I created for my students. I like to pull this activity out when snow is in the weather forecast to help prepare my students for what they might see or feel during a snowstorm. I also tend to pair this activity with songs about what to wear when it’s cold outside!

Primary Goal Areas:

  • Following directions
  • Imitating movements
  • Sequencing (words, movements or both)

 I specifically structured the melody so that it will cue clients to execute different ways of playing their drums, such as two drums beats after each phrase or a rumble on a V chord. I usually introduce this song by asking clients to listen to the words while I sing and just try to do the drum beats and movements. I will also display a visual that contains the four lines and movements that I fade out once my clients become familiar with the song. It may also help to point at each picture icon when it is time to do that movement or have a client do the pointing.


Below is a chart of the four key lines and corresponding movements that you’ll hear in the recording below.



“The wind will blow”

Rub drum with flat hand

“The snowflakes flow”

Tap fingers lightly on drum

“Snowballs we’ll throw”

Hit drum once and say “SPLAT!”

“I might feel cold”

Hug self, shiver and say “BRRRR”

 Additional Adaptations:

  • Finger Play: For younger clients, turn this song into a finger play with simple gestures for each line (cup hands and blow for the wind, wave fingertips for snowflakes, etc).
  • Songwriting: Work together to write lines and corresponding movements based on client knowledge of what happens when it snows
  • Turn-taking and Impulse Control: Assign a different line to each client. This requires them to know:
    • The words
    • The movement/drum sound
    • Where their line fits into the song (what comes before and after)

I hope you enjoy this FREE VISUAL AID DOWNLOAD  and sound recording of “When It Snows.” What are your favorite snowy day activities? 


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