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Friday Faves: Holiday Visuals

9 Dec

This week, I’m sharing 3 recent visual finds that have been a hit during my sessions with little ones. December always goes by so fast, and I often find myself without time to create my own visuals. Thank goodness for Pinterest and all the other educators who share their creative ideas. All you’ll need for prep is a laminator, velcro and some clip rings (if you’re feeling fancy).

1. “5 Little Gingerbread Men” from Stay At Home Educator. I printed the empty tray and 5 gingerbread cuties, then added velcro for a fun counting game. Another fun way to use these visuals would be to add magnets and put on an actual cookie tray. We usually sing the song to the tune of “10 Little Indians” as we count.

2. “What’s Under the Tree?” Interactive Booklet from Sped-Ventures. Work on positional words and holiday vocabulary with this free adorable book. Print, add velcro and play! I use a few different melodies, including “Happy and You Know It.” (i.e., Put the present below the candy cane/Put the present below the candy cane/Put the present below, put the present below/Put the present below the candy cane.)

3. Holiday PlayDough Mats from Itsy Bitsy Fun. Okay, these are just really fun. Snag some festive PlayDough from the dollar store and create your own holiday scene on the mats as you sing Christmas songs. My favorite is the tree mat– we work on fine motor & following directions by making different colored ornaments to put on the tree (while singing “O Christmas Tree,” of course).

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