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February Freebie: Counting Cards

6 Feb

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m always looking for fun ways to fill my sessions with love. Don’t miss this week’s free download:

Valentine’s Day Counting Cards (1-20).

How to play:

Encourage each kiddo to choose an envelope, identify the number then sing an adapted version of the Woody Guthrie classic, “Mail Myself to You”:

“I’m gonna wrap myself in paper/I’m gonna dot myself with glue/

Stick some stamps on top of my head/I’m gonna mail _____ hearts to you.”

Then, count out the corresponding number of manipulatives (I use felt hearts from the Target dollar area-where else? Conversation hearts work great, too) and place them in inside a mini mailbox (you can probably guess where I found that…TARGET).


Fun adaptations include clapping/stomping/drumming the number after putting the hearts in the envelope, or counting out instruments to “mail”, then putting them in a much larger mailbox (gathering drum, tubano, etc). It’s also fun just to play along with the original recording, or sing it live!

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