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3 Resources I’m Loving: iPad Apps

25 Jul

In my summer blog series, 3 Resources I’m Loving, I’m sharing my favorite 3 resources at the moment for different purposes! Check out my last post about Music & Relaxation.

One of the most important tools I carry around with me as a traveling music therapist is my iPad. I use it for a variety of purposes: documentation, scheduling, recording, pulling up youtube videos, fun apps for clients to earn…you name it, and I probably use my iPad for it! Below are three apps I’ve been using a lot this summer to work on goals ranging from communication and choice making to social skills and following directions.

photo (1) 1. Bla Bla Bla. Price: FREE!

This app is TOTALLY AWESOME for communication goals! Bla Bla Bla is a sound reactive app that uses the microphone on your iPad to control images on screen. Users can select a fun face from the menu, which will begin move as they vocalize. If it’s a soft sound, the face will move a little bit, but it really goes bonkers as you get louder. It’s fun demonstrating for clients and watching as they realize that the only way to move the face on screen is to vocalize. I’ve seen kiddos shake it, touch it, etc…but it’s really exciting when they start to make the connection and begin to use their voice.

photo (4)2. Beamz. Price: FREE!

This app is for all your cool kids and teens who dream about becoming a DJ. *Insert Dubstep Music Here*. The Beamz library contains tons of songs in different genres (anything from HipHop to Bluegrass) with corresponding sound effects that can be played simply by swiping purple lines on the screen. No matter what sound you hit, it’s guaranteed to sound great and go with the music. You can even record your song and listen back to it! I’ve used this app for social skills (turn taking, following directions, imitation), communication and emotional expression.

photo (3)3. Real Guitar. Price: $0.99 (WORTH IT)

I loooove using this app in sessions because it’s appropriate for all ages, has a high-quality sound and is really easy to use. Real Guitar allows you to select desired chords, put them in whatever order you want and pick a strumming or fingerpicking pattern. Clients can play along with you (or you can follow their lead) or you could even play along with preferred recorded music. This is awesome for clients working on fine motor skills—I have them point their index finger and practice strumming on both the iPad and my actual guitar.

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3 Resources I’m Loving: Music & Relaxation

8 Jul

In my new summer blog series, 3 Resources I’m Loving, I’m going to be sharing my favorite 3 resources at the moment for different purposes! This week, let’s talk about some helpful resources for music & relaxation and self-regulation activities. I always end my sessions with a calming activity to help regulate and center my clients before they leave the therapy space. Below are three tools I’ve been using heavily this summer that I just can’t live without!

ryanjudd21. Ryan Judd’s Sleep Soundly CD

When Ryan told me about Sleep Soundly, his latest project, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the tracks! After my first listen, I was totally blown away by its beauty and adaptability. Each song is rhythmic, well-paced and contains really nice ambient sounds that lend beautifully to music and relaxation exercises appropriate for any age or population. I’ve been using them with ambient instruments like ocean drums, rain sticks and wind chimes, and have even encouraged some of my families to purchase the CD for use at home.

 2. Cabasa

All my clients know that the cabasa is my absolute favorite instrument and expect to see it offered as a choice at the end of our sessions. It’s fantastic for providing tactile stimulation, is easy to hold and manipulate and makes a high quality musical sound with even the lightest touch. Demonstrate rolling the cabasa slowly on your hands, arms, legs, etc and encourage your clients to do the same. Provide physical support if needed (and use recorded music—try one of Ryan’s tracks from above!) or fade back and provide relaxing guitar or piano accompaniment. I’ve been loving Kat Fulton’s Easy-to-Learn Relaxing Guitar Loop lately.


My go-to is this mini cabasa, which fits in my bag without weighing it down.

photo (1)3. Kite Visual with Scarf

I created this simple kite visual for one client in particular and have found myself using it with almost everyone! Try using it for music and movement with the song “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” from Mary Poppins or for deep breathing/stretching. I will often encourage clients to stretch up to touch the kite wherever I am holding it, take a deep breath and blow out to try to move the scarf.

What’s your favorite resource for music & relaxation right now? Leave a comment below–I’d love to add more resources to my list!

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