Tuesday Tunes: Songs for Saying “Thank You”

15 Nov

As we gear up for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I like to find ways to practice saying “please,” “thank you” and “you’re welcome” during my music therapy sessions. We love talking about different ways to say thanks with words, gestures and sign language. This week, I’m sharing 3 easily-adaptable tunes for instrument sharing & songwriting!

  • Thanks A Lot (Raffi). This one is definitely an ALL TIME favorite. It’s fun to go around in a circle and take turns singing one thing that you’re thankful for. This song also lends itself beautifully for music & art experiences. Doesn’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

  • Thank You for Being a Friend (Andrew Gold). This one is fun to dedicate to different people, and also lends itself beautifully to songwriting. I also get a kick out of doing the “I wanna thank you” and “Thank you for being a friend” as call and response with drums or melodic instruments.

  • Thank You Song (Jaycee Vorhees, MT-BC). Thanks to music therapist Jaycee from Harmony Music Therapy for this catchy little ditty. I’ve used this melody before to create social story songs or for improvised instrument play. It’s fun to take turns sharing instruments and drumming the word rhythm for “Thank you!”

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