Friday Faves: 4+ Apple Ideas

30 Sep

It’s time to rev your laminators: after a long hiatus, Songs for Success is back in business with music therapy session ideas, songs and visuals! I’ve been busy with grad school, intern supervision and a whole lot of clinical work, but couldn’t be more excited to start spreading the intervention love again. In honor of October (and finally, cooler weather), I’m sharing my favorite apple songs and ideas.

This week, my kiddos and I will be…

Counting Apples!

  • Pretend your red, green and yellow shakers are apples and sing “Way Up High in the Apple Tree.”
  • Download cute and {free} visuals like these apple seeds or apple baskets and sing while you count.
  • Slap some apple icons on your beanbags, hide them, and go apple picking.
  • Sing an old school SFS song like “Apples in a Tree”  or a classic like “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” for intergenerational groups. I like to change the words to /I don’t sit under the apple tree or apples will fall on me, no, no, no! Let’s count how many fell off the tree, how many do you see? Oh, count these apples with me/.

Dancing to songs about apples!

This song…need I say more?

Relaxing with “Apple Tree” by Justin Roberts!

This is a sweet, calm way to end a session. I like to sing it live or listen to the recording and sway with red, green and yellow scarves along with the music. We love growing like seeds, waving our branches, and stretching to the sun. Bonus points if you incorporate signs (wait, apple and tree are a great place to start) and practice spelling apple at the end.

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