Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Song

14 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day can be a great way to expose your music therapy kiddos to music from around the world, and let’s face it: Irish music is totally awesome. It gets your feet tapping, lends itself nicely to improvisation and is steeped in some rich culture that can be fun to experience and share in your music therapy sessions this month.

  • Have an Irish Jig. Grab some instruments and jam along to traditional Irish music, or get up and move around the room. I love the Celtic Dance CD, and often use The Landlord’s Walk for a free-for-all jam and Dowd’s Favourite for circle dancing.

  • Learn and practice singing/saying traditional Gaelic phrases. It can be fun to improvise and incorporate these words into your music making, or drum the word rhythms as you practice. You could even look up the Gaelic pronunciations of your names and use them during hello/goodbye songs. Here’s a video with some basic greetings to get you started!

  • Put your music theory hat on and use your modes. Check out the four main modes used in Irish music. You could listen to some of the songs mentioned, then use them as a jumping off point for improvisation on the piano, xylo or drums. Dorian is one of my favorites.

  • Explore the Song of the Sea soundtrack. I’m obsessed with this adorable movie, and find that the soundtrack has some beautiful tracks that work great for relaxation experiences. I like to get out my giant blue canopy scarf and move it like ocean waves as we listen to songs like the main theme. If you listen in English, you can talk about the text, but it can also be fun to take some guesses if you listen to the version from the movie in Gaelic.

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