#MusicTherapyBlogger Challenge: Grab a Guitten

11 May

This post is part of a 5 week #MusicTherapyBlogger challenge. Learn more and join the movement by visiting Serenade Designs!

Challenge #2: Write about something that works for you in your everyday life as an MT.

The guitten has been, by far, the best addition to my bag of tricks this year. If you HAVEN’T heard about the world of guittens (AKA guitar + mitten = my favorite thing ever), hop over to Jody Tucker’s website and feast your eyes on the cuteness. If you work with kiddos, you’ll love how functional, versatile and conversation-worthy it will be for all your music therapy friends.

  1. FUNCTIONAL: It protects my guitar from those little hands that love to turn, turn, turn those knobs. I mean, seriously—it’s like guitar tuning pegs radiate beautiful rainbow light and have a neon sign on them that says, “TURN ME, I’M AWESOME.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.38.09 AM

  1. VERSATILE: I constantly use my guitten as a puppet for songwriting and finger play (try “Little Bird” from 1plus1plus1equals1), which is especially perfect in the springtime. I’ve even put shakers and bells inside the guitten while working on spatial concepts. Some of my kiddos also practice social skills by saying hi and shaking his wing during our hello song. DO check out the full list of guitten characters, which include animals, flowers and bugs.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.37.43 AM

  1. CONVERSATION STARTER: First of all…my guitten TOTALLY looks like an angry bird. I mean, how cool is that? My video game obsessed friends have played with the guitten while making angry bird sounds into the microphone, or have used it to play “real life” angry birds by tossing him into drums. Other groups have even worked together to name him and have dubbed him our group mascot.

Note: Some of my friends don’t like the guitten on the guitar, but it provides a perfect jumping off point for asking for help/self-expression. One little friend is even working on saying “Bird off!”paired with signs. If I’m working with teens/adults, I usually ask if they want me to keep it on. 9 times out of 10…the answer is “YES!”

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2 Responses to “#MusicTherapyBlogger Challenge: Grab a Guitten”

  1. Linda Jedrzejek, MT-BC May 11, 2015 at 7:49 pm #

    Hi! I wrote a previous comment but am not sure it posted because I wasn’t logged in. I’m so glad you wrote this post because I’ve been thinking about getting a guitten. My main concern is that my clients will be more attracted to the top of the guitar and inadvertently make it go out of tune when they try to touch/grab the guitten. What has your experience been like?

    • Songs For Success May 12, 2015 at 11:58 am #

      I haven’t found it to be distracting at all! I will even have kiddos give him a pat or a handshake (gently) so that they can get the touching out of their system before we start. I really can’t say enough positive things about the guitten!

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