4 [Super Fun] Holiday Songs for Speech Goals

16 Dec

This year, I discovered a few silly songs…that have absolutely no real lyrics. BOOM! Many of my kiddos are working on speech/communication goals, so I love that these are basically just scat sounds—great for encouraging clients to experiment with different vowel and consonant combinations. Whip up a little choice board, pull out your microphone and get ready to vocalize!

1. Minion Holiday Song (Minions)

 Who doesn’t love these little guys? You get extra cool points for showing the video. Because…MINIONS!

2. Carol of the Mehs (Glove and Boots)

This one is perfect for that bilabial “m” sound—plus, it’s awesome. We’ll also turn the recording off and sing it on a bunch of different sounds.

3. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Pentatonix)

In order to show everyone how hip you are, you have to have a Pentatonix song on your holiday playlist. This one is my favorite because it’s a good conversation starter—sometimes, we’ll listen to the instrumental recording, then this one, and compare. Also fun for movement!

4. Jingle Bells (Singing Dogs)

Don’t judge me for listening to singing dogs. SERIOUSLY. DON’T. It cracks me up (maybe a little too much), but it also makes my clients giggle—especially the animal lovers. It’s really fun to try singing Jingle Bells with other animal sounds, too.

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