Super Supplemental: Piano Practice Chart

30 Sep

Let’s face it—it can be frustrating when our students don’t practice. We want our students to be successful in learning and growing their musical skills, but that can be hard to do if the only time they’re working on those skills is one time a week during their lessons. Doh! For students with additional challenges, practicing can be even more difficult to conquer. I always make a big point of working with each my students to teach them not only what to practice, but how to practice. I’ve started making practice charts for each of my students, and it has made a world of a difference!

Each chart has two standard parts: a place to list assignments/songs to work on, then the log portion (aka THE FUN PART!). Each time a student practices during the week, they color in one picture. It’s up to your discretion as a teacher to figure out how many times you want your students to practice during the week and for how long. I often start small and then gradually increase the amount of practice each month to phase in the concept of practicing regularly.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThe great thing about creating your own practice chart is that you can personalize it for each student in a jiffy. I guarantee that your piano students are going to be WAY more likely to practice if something they love is on their chart—legos, cars, animals, Disney characters…anything works, as long as it’s motivating. One of my kiddos loves Frozen, so BAM! Each week, she gets to color in pictures of her favorite Frozen characters. If she practices 5 times during the week and colors all of her cute little pictures in, she gets a big version to color as a reward. 🙂

Enjoy this {FREE} download of my piano practice chart (which works great for older kids), or simply use it as inspiration to make your own! What are your must-have tools for your piano students when it comes to practicing?

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