Happy Birthday, Songs for Success!

16 Sep
Aren't you blown away by my amazing graphic design abilities?

Aren’t you blown away by my amazing graphic design abilities?

One year ago today, I hit submit on my first ever blog post. I was nervous, uncertain, and quite frankly, had no clue what I was doing—but I was a woman on a mission. I wanted to be a part of the amazing community of bloggers and social media advocates whose posts were a constant source of inspiration to me. 37 posts, 4 social media pages and 1 national conference later, I think I can finally stop referring to myself as a baby blogger.

Guys…I’m a big girl blogger now!

In the last year, I’ve done a lot of growing. I learned how to write like me (and not some awkward, overly professional version of myself), how to share my interventions and posts, conquered WordPress, and best of all, quadrupled my network of fabulous music therapy friends. I’ve shared my visuals and songs with music therapists and educators around the world, said goodbye to only one laminator (RIP, you pesky paper-eater, you) and even had a few posts go viral. Seriously—google “clean dance songs” right now– Songs for Success is the first search result. SHAZAM!

I also took my first leap of faith as a new professional and curated a course on Music Therapy Ed (with the support of many)—which over 350 people have signed up for so far. Every day, I am connecting with new people through the West Music Professional Success Course, social media and my blog. My “I NEED to meet for coffee with these people because they’re amazing!!!!” list is now so long, it may take me another year to tackle it.

I want to say the world’s biggest THANK YOU to the music therapy community, who has welcomed me with open arms, advice and lots of virtual hugs. Thank you to my mentors in the field, who’ve coached, motivated and challenged me. Thank you to all you blog followers, Pinterest pinners and social media friends, who remind me that people actually DO read what I write.

But now, it’s time to turn this post over to my good friend Stevie—because really, who can say it better? It’s been a great first year, so that means I’m off to shake my groove thing…oh, and maybe start working on my next project. 😉

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4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Songs for Success!”

  1. katherine spitzhoff September 16, 2014 at 3:07 pm #

    Congratulations Kerry! I’m a BIG fan of your blog!

    • Songs For Success September 18, 2014 at 1:45 pm #

      THANK YOU!!!!!! That means a lot, especially coming from a WordPress pro like yourself…:) xoxo

  2. MJ Landaker September 16, 2014 at 4:49 pm #

    Congratulations on completing year one! Here is a wish for many, many more!!

    • Songs For Success September 18, 2014 at 1:45 pm #

      Thanks for your support, MJ!!! I’m so proud to be part of such an awesome community of MT bloggers. 🙂

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