Miss Kerry’s Musical Melee: For Music Lessons

23 Jun

For many of my adapted piano lesson students, sitting at the piano for 30 minutes can be really challenging. I always try to keep our sessions fun and engaging by bringing in other instruments like desk bells or boomwhackers, getting up and moving around or even playing games! My latest creation, Miss Kerry’s Musical Melee, has been an absolute hit with my clients and is now something they ASK for at the end of our sessions.

 The main concepts of my game are:

  • Clapping 4 beat rhythms
  • Music note identification (naming the note as well as finding it on the piano)
  • Solfege with hand signs
  • Basic composition of melodic and rhythmic lines

The rules? Players roll a dice and select a card based on the color of the space they land on.  Cards will prompt players to clap rhythms, ID note names or complete a challenge card (i.e., play notes on the piano, sing their solfege, compose a 4 beat song). When players reach the end of the board, they have to complete one challenge card to finish the game!


What You’ll Need:

  • File Folder
  • Laminator (because…well, you should know by this point that EVERYTHING I own is laminated!)
  • Game Board
  • Playing Cards (create your own or print the ones below)
  • Game Pieces
  • Dice or Spinner
  • Ziploc Bags

I liked this game board template at The School Supply Addict and decided to color it in myself to match the construction paper I had on hand. However, if you google “game board templates” you’ll be able to find a bunch to suit your needs, whatever they may be!


I used these basic rhythm flashcards found at Susan Paradis: Piano Teaching Resources because they were cute, small and portable. You could also try these rhythm cards found at Layton Music.

I also used these music note ID flash cards from Making Music Fun, and plan to repurpose them for all of my music lessons.

**FREE ALERT!** I made my own challenge cards, rules sheet and cover page, which you can download for FREEEEEEE here: Miss Kerry’s Musical Melee.

If you’re a traveling music therapist like me, you’re going to want your game to be compact without a lot of pieces. Divide your cards up into Ziploc bags, clip them into your file folder (bonus points if your paper clips double as your playing pieces!) and download a Dice App like this one. Now, you’re ready to go!


Miss Kerry’s Musical Melee is definitely a beginner level game, but it could easily be adapted for any skill level or age by increasing the difficulty of the questions and topics covered. Feel free to adapt as needed—I’d love to hear how you use it with your clients. HAVE FUN!

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