Activity Inspiration: Singin’ in the Rain

19 May

This time of year, I love to use weather-related songs and activities in my sessions! Springtime weather always inspires me to break out my ambient instruments (frog rasp, crow sounders, canary sticks, rain sticks, thunder tubes, etc) and use songs about sun, rain and flowers. One of my fan-favorites from this season has been a movement activity paired with “Singing in the Rain” that gets everyone moving and has lots of opportunities for some feel-good solos.

When I introduce the activity, I usually show clients pictures of Gene Kelly dancing (quite adorably) with the light-post or a brief video, if possible. I mean, how cute is he?! Clients are then invited to volunteer for a “tap dancing” solo in front of the group. I usually model some snazzy moves (turning in a circle, kicking my feet out, jazz hands) but you’ll also love seeing what your clients come up with on their own.

I made a few portable umbrellas (gotta love those multi-purpose rhythm sticks!) and dug out two very suave costume hats for clients to hold and wear.

photo-12For some groups, I attach jingle bells to self-adhering Velcro tape (my bells too small to fit around adult ankles) and invite clients to wear or hold them during their solo. Because some of my adult groups have high numbers of hearing and visual impairments, I’ve found that this is a great way to motivate clients to move and participate, even from their seats.



For your cool kids and teens, try this Glee mash-up of “Umbrella” and “Singing in the Rain.”

 For everyone else, I love Gene Kelly’s classic rendition!

 If you have lots of staff to help and don’t need your hands free, you can even play it live and vamp during each client’s solo. Have fun!

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