Activity Inspiration: Instrument Corn Maze

8 Oct

Another fall-themed activity I’ve found highly motivating for many of my clients is my instrument corn maze! This activity involves the creation of instrument stations that clients will visit and play as they make their way through the “corn maze” path. Reinforcing a seasonal concept such as a corn maze can be helpful for clients because it provides exposure to a common fall activity that they may experience in the community.  I also like utilizing a range of musical instruments in one activity because it allows clients to experiment with a variety of sounds.


  • Corn images
  • Assorted instruments (4-6)
  • Appropriate musical recording
  • Mallets (1-2)

I printed a large corn image on four different colored pieces of construction paper for each instrument station. The amount of corn maze stations you create is dependent on your therapy space, goals and client needs.

I selected four different instruments (tubano, xylophone, tambourine, djembe) and attached a corn image to each. When I decided on a path for the maze, I made a “corn maze map” to project on a SMART board for students to follow as they make their way through the maze. The colored corn images on the map correspond with the images on each instrument in the order that they are placed in the room. For smaller groups, you could distribute a map to each client.


During this activity, I play upbeat recordings such as “Ease On Down the Road” from The Wiz. Because my clients range greatly in age, I find that popular recorded music is almost always age appropriate while allowing me the freedom to assist each client as they take a turn navigating through the maze. At each instrument station, clients are to strike the instrument at least once with a mallet. When they cross the “finish line” after the last station, the facilitator should lead the group in cheering for the client.

Additional adaptations of this activity may include:

  • Clients work together to create the corn maze and map
    • Separate groups into two or more teams
    • Each team must design a maze and map for the other team to follow
  • Facilitator creates an original “corn maze” song to accompany the activity with embedded directions

Below is my sample corn maze map and a great recording of “Ease On Down the Road.” I’d love to hear about how my instrument corn maze works for you and your clients!

Sample Corn Maze Map

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